Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae)

This weekend, I can’t wait to eat some delicious Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae). 김치찌개
When you have leftover kimchi that is very fermented, you can make some yummy stew! Add some pork, tofu, rice cakes, and vegetables and you have all the ingredients for a wonderful meal.


Korean Food

The other day, I asked people what they think if Korean food. Most people will say spicy! Korean food can be spicy. Kimchi. But only a portion if Korean food is spicy. Not all.

Many people have also tried Korean BBQ or Korean beef. Very popular.


I love eating jjajangmyun. The Korean version uses black bean paste and it’s not spicy. I’ve also had this dish in China where the noodles are spicy and the sauce is not made with black bean paste.

Korean kids really enjoy eating jjajangmyun.

H Mart

My favorite place to get Korean groceries is H Mart. They used to have a different name, but it was difficult for non-Koreans to pronounce. So, a few years ago they renamed as H Mart. Good move.

한국 요리

Do you like to cook? Are you talented? Maybe you have your own cooking show on YouTube.

Google will translate 한국 요리 to: Korea Cook

If I enter “Korean Cooking” into Google Translate, I get: 한식

Kimbap for lunch

I had some delicious kimbap today. Nothing fancy. Simple, but yummy. Making kimbap takes a bit of work because you have to prepare all the ingredients and then roll the rice around seaweed. Kimbap is portable and easy to pack. It makes a great little afternoon snack!

To eat kimchi or not to eat kimchi, that is the question

Koreans love to eat kimchi. But, is it healthy? Does eating kimchi cause cancer?

I find myself torn because I enjoy eating kimchi. I grew up eating it. However, it appears that there are growing bodies of evidence supporting the connection between kimchi and cancer.  This is particularly true for stomach cancer, a common cancer found among Korean men.

I’m Dr. Joseph Chaiwhan Kim. I’m a Korean man. I eat kimchi. If I develop stomach cancer someday, I’m going to blame the kimchi!